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Privacy Policy has been created to inform you about Couponzmall’s exercises regarding series, use, and disclosure of information that you can share for the usage of our offerings thru this internet site (together called the “services”). 

Please make certain to read this whole privacy policy before using or submitting details to our website. by way of the usage of this website, you agree to the terms of this privacy policy and terms of Use.

About Personal Information

Your personal information will be confirmed when you use our website. You need to agree to share details, that should be true, accurate, and based on your knowledge. You might be modified, alter & delete information through your profile option.

No age constraint to use this Website, but in the case of an under 18 age group, consent of an adult is needed (User’s parent or guardian).

Sharing below instances of personal information needed for a user:

  • Name of the User
  • E-mail ID to create account
  • Phone number to notify activities
  • Password

Usage of Your Personal Information

  • To notify you regarding new stores, offerings, deals, upcoming events.
  • To analyse User preferences & Trends.
  • To improvise User experience.
  • To recover your account, in case of “Forget Password”
  • For Research & Development, helps in rich experience on Website.
  • To Notify about any future changes on Website.

About Formal Information

We may also collect some of the Formal or Non-personal information, instances are:

  • Information can be collected through User’s activities on our website or related sites to enhance User’s experience & future services
  • Data related to PIN codes, languages, device location and Time zone can be collected for safe & better use.

All Personal & Formal Information will be part of our database, that can be used for investigation & preventing illegal activities. Apart from this, we may use the same for mailing through third-party emailers.

Couponzmall has the right to make changes in the Privacy Policy as & when required, the same will be updated on the Website. You can Visit this section any time when sharing personal or any formal (non-personal) information.


For any clarification about Privacy Policies and Website, you can connect by mailing us at